Wednesday, 10 August 2016

10 Embarrassing Things That ALL Women Do, But Will NEVER Admit.

Ladies can be very secretive. In fact, a number of women can take a secret to the grave and you'll never know they even had hidden secrets! However, the type of secrets discussed in this post are the ones that all women share with each other, kinda.
These are all the things women do in private but don't really talk about. It's something they KNOW other women do as well but have no idea
that i know too *tongue out* ;). I think one of the reasons why they don't talk about is because it can be a little on the gross side. But hey, we're human. We men have our own secretes and we perfectly understand too...
Check out some of the things below women do but hides from everyone. If you're a woman, you'll relate. If you're a man, you'll probably be very confused but as for me, i glad to reveal the long hidden secretes.

      1.  Improvising a DIY pad out of toilet paper.
Sadly, this is the only option when no tampon or pad is anywhere in sight., that's just not right, it really ain't right.

2. Getting a manicure only to pick off the nail polish and/or fingernails afterwards.
They're nice and pretty and all but after the first chip, it's all downhill from there.

        3. Bras don't get washed that often.
They may or may not wear the same bra day after day... for an undetermined amount of time. Why wear a different bra if there was no boob sweat? SMH

         4.The greatest feeling of relief any woman could ever have.
Taking off a bra after a very long day.


5. Getting stuck midway while trying on a shirt that was one size smaller than your real size.

Sometimes it's just nice to think you're a certain size before coping with reality, we men feel the same too sometimes... LOL

                  6. Regularly lurking their exes social media.
It's just a fun past-time activity, They say it doesn't mean they have any lingering feelings, they are just curious and bored.

7. Holding up the chest while walking down the stairs.

"It just feels better, especially if no bra is present", they say.

          8. Holding a fart from the front only to release it later on when in a more comfortable position.

Who likes to fart uncomfortably? Women!

9. Not washing their hair for days.

Washing your hair everyday is bad for the hair! Just spray some dry shampoo and you're good to go.

10. Peeing in the shower is normal.

Is it gross or another way to conserve water? You be the judge. LOL

This is what i want you to do for me, share and comment more embarrassing things women do... Thanks 


  1. OMG! So true, they wear their panties for more than 3days in a row! Hahaha


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