Monday, 29 August 2016

10 things you'd relate to if you've owed a Nigerian before

I must say, Nigerians are unique species of human beings, from all rationale... You can do so many other things to them and you'll go scot-free, but owing them ain't one of them. I mean, owing them ain't the problem, but the trauma they'll make you undergo, esp. in this harsh economy. Some of them will literally make your heart jump into your stomach just on setting your eyes on them. They sure will make you  suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) after paying up. Yup, it's that bad.

I must confess, I've owed people in the past and the experiences weren't pleasant...

Below are some of the things you'll experience if you intend to borrow money from a Nigerian, or lemme say... owe a Nigerian.

1.  How you react when you see them:

Hey! Blood of Zachariah!!

2.   That's because this would happen if they ever set their eyes on you:

3.  When you're left to go for that day:

You must try and find a way to pay up, most a times through networking means, like borrowing to pay up...

 4.   Them telling everybody they meet that you're owing them:

Because you're a terrorist in as much as you're still owing them. Even a random person will know you're owing them. LOL

5.   And that moment when your friends starts complaining to you of how they keep disturbing them about you, and you'd be like:

 6.   How much you lie and avoid their calls just to stay away from their embarrassments:

Sorry, I was charging my phone in my grand mother's house when you called. LOL

7.   When you finally have their money and you're about to pay up:

 Thank you Lord for vindicating me! LOL

8.   How they react when they see you coming and are oblivious of the fact that you're coming to pay:


9.   How you let them have their money:

 I'm rich people, I'm rich! That's just how it feels, it feels like freedom. LOL

10.   And how you feel while going home at last, a free man. 


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