Tuesday, 16 August 2016

14 things you'd understand and relate to if you're a pharmacy student in UNIZIK. :D

Being a Nigerian teenager has a lot of challenges and stuffs attached to it which ranges from making sure you pass your WASSCE, making sure you do your job as the dish washer, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, gate man, servant etc., for your parents and most importantly not knowing the meaning of the word 'sex' before 30years of age and not to talk of engaging in the act, getting admission into the university in not more than one sitting, and so on...

However, amid all these challenges, we can boldly say that Nigeria has one of the happiest teenagers in the world plus we struggle hard where ever we go.

Nevertheless, I'm here to let you know what it feels like being a pharmacy student in a Nigerian University called UNIZIK


 1. When you check the admission list online and see that you've been offered an admission into pharmacy:

Ah bad finally! Ah bad!

2. When a voluntary course rep appears and announces that pharmacy  students would have a meeting behind MPH
Do we have to start this now?

 3.  When you are to go to different locations far away from each other in awka campus for lectures:

The stress

4.  When you get threats from lecturers that they'd hold you back at awka campus if you don't obey their instructions properly.

5.   When the results are out and you find out that you failed virtually all the courses that will make you qualify to cross over to agulu campus:

Leave me alone to die, please. Just leave me...

 6.  When you attend your first PANS(Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students) week match in agulu campus and see how fun and lively the place is, 
And then you'd be like, "Mehn, I can't wait to cross over here!"

At this point, your result will be like:

Your result would have to decide when you can wait and when you can't. LOL

7.  When result is released just a day after pharm night just to remind you that you're a pharmacy student.

8.  When exam is around the corner, everyone be like:

9.    You when you pass  all your courses after 'resit exam' and you are now qualified to cross over to another level:

10.   You during the first 4weeks in the class you're repeating(that is if you didn't make it to next class):

It just feels like hell, you don't want to experience it!

11.   When you're discussing about how tough pharmacy is with a pharmacy student in a different university and a fishery student in open university wants to join:

Biko take several sits, you know nothing about the word 'tough'
12.  When you struggle and finally get to your final year, you be forming boss like:

 13. When you finally graduate as a pharmacist:

 It actually feels like being in hell for 85 years!!! Godwin finally sha!!

14:  People in your induction party be like:

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  1. OMG! Hahahahaha

  2. So true, I've a friend who complains about virtually all the listed... Hahaha

  3. Hahaha.....you nailed it jare. Totally spot onπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Molos on point....feeling u jare

  5. Lol...this guy is good.


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