Tuesday, 30 August 2016

How two kai-kai drinking adults hurled a 4-year-old boy off a 27-foot bridge into a river.

So according to DailyMail two kai-kai drinking adults(unstable adults) were filmed as they tossed off a 4years old boy from a 27foot railroad bridge into the Wynoochee River in Montesano, Washington.

You say what?

 And according to reports, the mother stood and watched while a man, possibly her boyfriend, threw her 4 year old son off the bridge.
An eye witness, Kaylub Fawley, who saw the couple and the screaming child knew something wasn't right and started recording the incident.

Kaylub Fawley, who recorded the scene and posted the video on Facebook, said:
'As soon as he hit the water, my heart sank, I felt so bad, I didn't know what to do. 'I saw the little boy and I had a gut feeling,' he added. 'I was like, alright I got to start recording this, and as soon as I started recording, he went off.'


The Grays Harbor Sheriff's Office has recommended reckless endangerment charges for the mother and a male acquaintance, neither of whom have been named. 
The mother and the man have been cited with reckless endangerment.

A Washington state mother could face charges after her 4-year-old son was hurled off a 27-foot railroad bridge into a river.
The boy is seen in the video, recorded by a witness, being thrown by an unidentified man off a three story bridge into the Wynoochee River in Montesano.  

The boy's mother was reportedly nearby but just watched as the event unfolded.
'He was screaming and crying — it was terrible,' witness Brianna Jones told local station

But come to think of it, do we have more deranged and unstable people now in the world? 
Were they both drunk or perhaps high on 'ukwale igbo'? LOL
Whatever the case may be...

 I really recommend they get examined and sent to a rehab...

Whatever the case might tend to be, we should be more careful and more cautious about how we interact with people on daily basis. A lot of people are deranged, more are frustrated and a higher population are unstable. You wouldn't wanna piss them off or get out the beast in them. It might be something so little as just stepping on them.

Nevertheless, we shouldn't also forget about the crazy drivers on the roads, the crazy park visitors or even the retarded beach goers.
In whatever we do, we should live carefully because You Only Live Once (YOLO)


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