Sunday, 14 August 2016

So a Catholic priest was disgraced recently in Kaduna. This is what really happened.

 So according to Sunday Sun, Very Reverend Father Peter Zuni, 54, was engaged in a secret marriage to two women, an act that led to his being disrobed and sacked from the priesthood.

Say what?!

It was also gathered that one of the wives is already late, while the surviving one who blew the whistle about three weeks ago over the secret marriage is said to be nursing a child for the embattled priest.

 It was also gathered that  some parishioners initially thought it was mere rumour. They were shocked and surprised to learn of a petition to the Bishop of Kaduna Archdiocese, Bishop Ndagoso Manoso, that two women had children for their parish priest, an act considered to be an abomination and grave sin against the Catholic doctrine.
They pointed out that in order to cover up the priest’s ‘sin’ from spreading to the larger public, the Archdiocese allegedly organised a send off for the embattled priest to a remote village in Jaba Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

However, when Rev. Fr. Peter Zuni was contacted on his telephone line, on his alleged controversial transfer from the city to a remote village, he said:
 “Nobody is ordained to remain and work in the city. I have spent five years as parish priest of Queen of Apostles, so I can work anywhere, city or village.”
He was also asked what he had to say about the controversial story he's being accused of, he had this to say:
 “I find it difficult myself to believe what people are saying about me. I will not comment on it now. I will follow due process to invite you for an interview, but I am afraid, the newspaper of the archdiocese, The Cross News, may carry this story before you.”

Its so sad how the said men of God defile their vows and go about the worldly ways.
It's more sad too that as a seminarian, you have the options to either leave or stay, before being ordained a priest.

But come to think of it, was it wrong for the lady to have blown the whistle? Should she be blamed or should the priest take in all the blames?

But, in my own opinion, I think there's enough blame to go around. If she didn't come out, he'd still be lying to himself, the church and God. He swore an oath not to follow the desires of the flesh. It's inevitable as a human being to fall, but what do you have to say about impregnating two women? 

Impregnating the first lady could be tagged a mistake or human imperfection I believe, but what about the second?
The women too sha have their own share of the blame for being a stumbling block to the man...

Nevertheless, we should always pray for our dear priests and men of God we don't get to hear about this kind of scandal from amongst them .

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