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The confession of Linda Ikeji. #SaveMayowa

So in recent past a 'go fund me' account was lunched for an ovarian cancer patient, Mayowa, 28, and a campaign was also lunched with the hash tag #SaveMayowa. So the fundraiser campaign was to raise $100,000(32million naira at that time), for the treatment of Mayowa abroad. However, the campaign met a huge success mostly because of the involvement of TOYIN  who took the campaign upon herself and Linda Ikeji who blogged about it. It took just 3days to raise the 100k needed for the treatment.

We were happy, we were glad for the quick and huge success of the campaign. We thanked those who donated and we prayed and looked forward to see her treatment commence and Mayowa healed.

Just when we hoped to hear about her travel to U.S, we heard another story which is rather sad and disappointing.

Linda Ikeji who was one of the first bloggers to report the alleged scam story, apologized yesterday and narrated about the chronicles of the scam story and refuted the claims.

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She had this to say:

 "People who know me well will tell you that the easiest and fastest way to get money out of me is to tell me you're sick. I hate seeing people that helpless. Over the years, I've donated and also used my platform to raise money for several sick people, including Mayowa Ahmed. Early morning on July 28th, I received a call saying the #SaveMayowa campaign was a scam. That the lady was terminally ill and the family had no intentions of using the money raised for her health to treat her as they had no invite from the hospital in Atlanta, neither did she even have a visa to the US. Please continue..."
Say what?!

This wasn't all she said, she also said:

"...they wanted me to blog it quickly so people could stop donating. I found it hard to believe at first but it was coming from people who were directly involved in raising money for the sick girl. I sent someone to LUTH to investigate, he got there and found chaos. The Police was already involved, people were being questioned, some folks were shouting, he spoke to people in the hospital and many seemed confused. I spoke with those who had called me, and they said 100%, the whole thing was a scam... (this wasn't all she said but you can READ MORE HERE)"

She said something about contacting the police to confirm, this is it:

 "...after investigating properly, the police found it wasn't a scam, that it was more a miscommunication between the parties helping to raise funds and the girl's family. I spoke about the issue with the Lagos police PRO and she assured me that the family didn't have bad intentions..."

Seriously, eeh?!
Well, I appreciated her boldness for owning up to her fault and made an open apology. But to me, it feels like medicine after death. Just after Mayowa's family name has been dragged to the mud, with a lot of people hurling insults and curse upon Mayowa and her family.

I saw you all bad mouth!
Would it not have been better if she had done all these series of investigation before blogging about it? She forgot the fact that she has a very large traffic and anything she posts on her blog will get to a wide audience.

But before we start meting judgements, should we deem it fit to commend her for her boldness and humbleness to give an open apology regardless of her life achievements?

Or should she be seriously affronted for the hurt she made Mayowa  and her family feel?
What do we have to say in Toyin's case, like what do you have to say about her false information or false alarm?

Nevertheless, I went through some of the comments at LIB to know what some had to say

Y.F.C Omrex said: "Finally I was right. Common sense has prevailed. Don't be too quick to write stuff if not fully confirmed."

And this one who sounds really deranged or perhaps angry:

Freeborn bamislam suani ahmad bamislam said: "Wasn't a scam huh?Hm hm hm speechless for now. I will forgive because of u dame Linda because i have already send some one to lagos state police DPO demanding for my money toyin and mayinwa steal in the name of savemayinwa FREEBORN has forgiving una because of Linda ooooo.FOOLS AND ANIMALS SHOULD STOP BLAMING OR ACCUSING LINDA OOO AFTERALL WHAT SHE DID IS THE BEST. from India to dubia, dubia to US from US to south Africa next will be Germany or heaven FREEBORN WEPT"

And then this anonymous comment author with sympathetic heart:

Anonymous: "Well said Linda. Some people just sit to wait for others to make a mistake so that they can jump on it...not realising that they need to take care of the hate in their heart before it eats them up. Well done again"

Read more from  her blog  if you want to read more comments.

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