Friday, 12 August 2016

The result of my amebo on twitter. LOL

I was own my own jejely having fun on twitter, So this twitter user with the handle @naattitude, tweeted that he heard a man gave his mother-in-law a Range because he found out that his new bride was a virgin...

And then I was like really?

In this Buhari's economy?
But was is it a good criteria or a good reason for someone to purchase a range rover for her mother-in-law?

Well, this twitter user with the handle @Vaness_ah didn't find it funny. She had to voice it out.

Although, I don't support the fact that the man purchased a range rover for his mother-in-law for the sole reason that her daughter was a virgin, but obviously @Vaness_ah was wrong about her opinion on this. Nigerians nah, @Vaness_ah  won't get away with that comment, and she really didn't... @Naattitude did come for her.

And at this point I was like:

And from the look of things @Vaness_ah went like:

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But come to think of it, after the first night, will the man in question still see his wife as that precious jewel he got married to or would he go in search of another virgin?

Does he appreciate her being only because he married her a virgin or because of her true personality?

Does is it also mean that his love for her is conditional?

 Its unfortunate that in our world today, the hype about being a Virgin is still imminent. It shows that men see women as sex objects. Its OK (nowadays) for a man to sleep around, but not OK for a woman too? What's the guarantee that her virginity means she will be a good wife? There's more to life than sex people! Haba!

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You might also like: 14 things you'd understand and relate to if you're a pharmacy student in UNIZIK. LMAO


  1. hehehehehegege, I kinda like this, you got ursef a fan and an ewyday visitor. kudos!

  2. :) I'm glad you do. Please do share if you can.


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