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The result of my long-term amebo on Linda Ikeji's Blog(LIB). The comparison...

Before you get the result of my long-term 'amebo', first of all, you have to know a little about Linda Ikeji.

Linda Ikeji was born and raised in a Catholic family from Nkwerre, Imo State. She is the second child. Linda began to express her hobby in writing at the age of 10. Determined to make it in life, she put herself out at the age of 17. She finished secondary school at the age of 17 and, at 18, enrolled at the University of Lagos, where she studied English Language. To assist her family and support herself through school, she had part-time jobs as a waitress, model and writer. Ikeji graduated from the University in 2004. In 2006, she started blogging as a hobby. At that time, the internet was not as pronounced in Nigeria and she had to make her posts at a cybercafe

Linda Ikeji's blog however, as we all know is literally the nations blog. It ranks number one in the recent blog rating with over 50,000 page views per day. A blog with such amount of traffic, will surely provide you with different calibers of readers which we tend to know through their comments.

I'm an addict of LIB and I get inspired when I read about her and how she started. I read her blog on daily basis, sometimes not because of the posts, but because of the 'amebo' in my blood LOL *winks*. I've been doing this 'amebo' for a long time and now, I'm here to bring the result to you guys. Well, I kinda compared some of the commenters with some popular Nigerians. This is it below:


1. Freeborn Bamislam...

He's the mighty Fayose of LIB, he's always trying to make his point and refuses to be intimidated amid hate from his co-commenters. He can also be compared with the former first lady, Dame Patience Jonathan. He's quite controversial most times and tends to insult or use abusive words on you no matter your status. He cracks me up with his grammatical blunders sometimes.

2.  Onyx

He's Denrele Edom of LIB. He's the alleged or the LIB self acclaimed gay. However, for this reason, he receives a lot of hate comments from his co-commenters esp. being called 'gay' by people on LIB.

3.   Stern:

  Stern is the General Sani Abacha of LIB. He's autocratic and doesn't care what you say or think about him. He voices his mind in as much as he receives hate comments from his co-commenters. I always look out for his comments, he sometimes sounds funny and inspiring.

4.   Juliet Iwuno: 

Juliet is the Patience Ozokwor of LIB. She posts wicked and hate comments sometimes, and she has this as her motor, "It's either LIB or send me down to my grave before my time."
She comments on every single post and has a very annoying mantra, 'Linda take note.' We're tired of telling her how annoying it is. We just stay and watch helplessly as her comments slides through every post on LIB.
People are tired of telling her to grow up, I'm tired of reading that too. We just hope Linda Ikeji pays her for her efforts; that's if Linda Ikeji will still hold her annual giveaways tho. LOL


He's the Nnamdi Kanu of LIB. He really believes he can achieve Biafra through LIB. He doesn't have a hyper link name or lemme say, a profile to view who really he/she is or what he/she looks like. 

6.   Uju Phil

She's the wife of Nnamdi Kanu. She really supports her LIB husband in whatever struggle they find themselves in, especially in the fight for Biafra. LOL

7.   Ike Manuel:

He's the Ben Muray-Bruce of LIB. He has this funny mantra, 'na me talk am.' I kinda like that tho. He's sometimes on the opposition side just like Ben Bruce.

8.   Pretty Face:

Umm...forgive me guys, this is the only photo I could get from her profile.
Well, she's the Nkiru Sylvanus of LIB. She's meek and humble of heart. She goes with anything that the day brings forth. She ain't harsh nor rude to people. She always believes in peace, like anything can go just for peace to reign.

9.   Bonita Bislam:

Bonita Bislam, that curve tho... Well, she's the Chimamanda Adichie of LIB. She always tries to write a long literary piece. I sometimes look up for her comment whenever I want to read comments. And she's quite good looking and curvy. *winks*

10.   AbokiDaWarriBoy:

All the northerners put together, plus their Emirs and governors, he's their spokesman or lemme say ambassador on LIB. He's a pro Buhari, plus he supports whatever decision the current government makes.

Well, my 'amebo' readers, this is the end of my story, OK bye! LOL

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