Saturday, 13 August 2016

The story of two Nigerians Forced To Eat PAWPAW To Excrete Swallowed Cocaine In CAMBODIA

So recently, two men were arrested and charged over allegedly transporting more than 1 kilogram of cocaine into Cambodia through the Phnom Penh International Airport on Monday.

You see your lives?

Nigerian nationals Okafor Ifeanyi Anthony, 36, and Adibe Paschal, 35, allegedly swallowed the drugs to sneak them into the Kingdom

According to reports,
“They were charged by the prosecutor with transporting drugs under article 40 of the Cambodian Law on Drug Control,” Gen. Suthy told Khmer Times.
“They now have been sent to prison for further investigations and are awaiting trial.”
Anti-Drug Department Chief Lieutenant General Khieu Saman said the two suspects were en route from the United Arab Emirates.
“They were arrested by our police after the immigrant police X-rayed them and found drugs hidden in their abdomens,” Gen. Saman said.

“They swallowed more than one kilogram of drugs,” he added, saying that to retrieve the drugs, police fed the alleged traffickers papaya and glasses of milk, collecting the contraband as nature took its course. 

“For this case, in order to get the drugs from them, other developed countries in the world will cut open their stomachs because they are drug criminals,” Gen. Saman said

You don't mean it?!

 “For our country, we just gave them papayas (pawpaw) and milk. The hidden drugs will drop soon out from their stomachs,” he added.

Thank you Cambodia for not killing our citizens already' and hope they wont be killed in future just like Indonesia did recently.
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 A total of 70 packages of cocaine weighing 1,039.1 grams were ultimately seized from the men, who if found guilty of drug trafficking could each face up to 25 in prison.

But, come to think of it, do we have to keep doing this. Does it mean that Nigerians can't do a legal business anymore in the diaspora? Does it also mean that Nigerians are allergic to legal businesses?

Nigerians are now gradually becoming synonymous to crimes all over the world. This however might lead to hatred and discrimination which is uncalled for. It can lead to stereotyping Nigerians, and you know what that means? The innocent ones will not be left out.

Can we confidently blame our government for the many crimes being committed by Nigerians in the diaspora, or should it be blamed on a particular administration or however, can we say that its solely the fault and decisions of the perpetrators of those crimes??   What ever the reason or the case may be:

Just stop disgracing our country where ever you go guys! Please just stop! We cannot come and go die abroad abeg! We've had a really bad name already. Make una stop zi biko.

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