Wednesday, 10 August 2016

These 14 pictures will surely make you say, "WTF Japan?"

 You might think you know Japan for their superior technology, but then, they also have their share in weirdness. They are known for some of the strange habits and even traditions. Well, 
these pictures serves as a make-believe

1)  Japan Frog Lust

Umm... sorry, what exactly is going on here?

2) Strange Hairstyle
I cannot come and go and die LOL

 3) And this funny Japanese school girl. LOL
Even the old ones are not left out...

4)  And these weirdos who dedicated their foreheads to a bum.
Like, WTF Japan? LOL
 5) And this strange wine pool.
Japan, a place where you can drink wine and bath in it too.
 6) Japanese human, please!!!
Poor Kitty! :(
7. And this Japanese innovation.
The Ultimate umbrella, but then, how do you carry it around?
 8. Like really Japan?
The truth is, i don't even want to know what its used for... WTF Japan?
9. And this way of advertising their product...
I feel really bad for these people who have to do this job. But who knows, they might be enjoying it. LOL
10. And these attractive looking guys. SMH Japan!
11. WTH is going on here?
You can tag this one yourself...
12. OMG No! Japan No!
Weirdness level =11,000%
 13. And this perfect nap in a perfect pillow!
Japan Please, just leave me alone alone to die! LOL
14. Err, sorry what?
Why is this even a thing? And the guy who decided to take a picture in it, umm...WTH?
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