Thursday, 18 August 2016

These are the reasons why I say Nigerian roads have the world's greatest tourist attractions. LOL

Nigeria, an African country on the Gulf of Guinea, is known for its natural landmarks and wildlife reserves. It's also known for a lot of incredible things which happen in different parts of the country, in different degrees, and are performed by different people etc.

However, a lot of things happen on our roads or are seen on daily basis. These ranges from death traps we have for a road, funny police men we see on check points who are 'our friends' like they say, beggars, unprofessional and crazy drivers etc.

Nevertheless, if you're a foreigner and you plan on coming to Nigeria, here are the list of some tourist attractions you sure will see on our roads.

1.   Police check points:

These check points are seen on
strategic positions on our roads. However, I cannot categorically tell you that they are there for the job they place them there to do. They end up doing their own personal jobs which is collecting 20naira from vehicles and running away in the face on any attack.

2.  Pot holes:

Nigerian roads are now synonymous with pot holes, so brace yourself for a lot of those...

3.   Crazy drivers overtaking wrongly:

Another name for Nigeria is 'crazy'. So I don't expect we feel surprised about crazy drivers anymore. We see a lot of them on daily basis and we're used to them. 
I can fall within this category sometimes tho. LOL *tongue out*

4.   Beggars:

Sadly there are a lot of beggars in Nigeria, if a headcount is performed, they can own a republic. Our economy gets more bad by the day and our government seems to be doing nothing about it. *sad*  

5.   Traffic jam:

Our traffic jam doesn't come with just traffic jam. It's accompanied by a lot of other activities which ranges from loud honking of horns, people yelling at each other, traffic rubbery attacks and then a smile at the end of everything. LOL
Yes, we can boldly say that Nigerians are one of the happiest people on earth, trust me.

6.   Hawkers:

Yes, Nigerians are not just happy people, we also find a way to survive no matter the obstacles or condition. 'Suicide' cannot be found in our dictionary.

7.   Accidents:

Accidents are inevitable cos we're humans. And in some accidents, we quench fire with virtually anything from sand, water from sachet water etc.

8.   Agbero (touts):

These group of people employ themselves and print ticket which they enforce on commercial drivers to buy on daily basis. You think 'no' not to talk of saying it, you get admitted in the hospital.
SAFETY TIP: Never think the word 'no' when you're around them. LOL

9. Violation of traffic lights:

 You think traffic lights are meant for Nigerians to obey? Think again, cos those lights are meant to be obeyed by those who put them there. 
So if you think you love traffic lights so much, put it on Nigerian roads and enjoy them alone. 

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