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Veteran Nollywood actors/actresses and roles that are synonymous to them.

I'm not really a fan of Nollywood movies but they still got my respect, umm... hey, that doesn't mean I know nothing about them anyway. I mean, I've friends who are so much crazy about them they give me both the gist I wish to receive about Nollywood and those I don't. So, to all Nollywood movies fans, I’ve compiled a list of some veteran Nollywood actors/actresses plus the roles synonymous to them.

P.S: You can click on the name of the actor/actress to read more about them on Wikipedia.


1.   Kanayo O. Kanayo

We all know this one for being a ritualist (blood money) in movies. In fact he was asked at one point in a movies to sacrifice his wife for blood money and he said, "is that all...". Like he didn't feel perturbed about it.
LMAO he's just the master of all ritualists. SMH
His filmography:
  • Living in bondage
  • Apaye
  • October 1
  •  Broken plate etc.

2.   Pete Edochie:

 Right from childhood, I've watched quite a lot of his movies. He's mostly known for being the Igwe(king) or the strict dad that no one dares to talk to.
His filmography:
  • Heavy Battle (2008)
  • Test Your Heart (2008)
  • Greatest Harvest (2007)
  • Secret Pain (2007)
  • Arrows (2003)
  • Billionaires Club (2003)
  • Dogs meeting etc.

3.   Patience Ozokwor:

The veteran actress Patience AKA mama G who recently gave up acting for ministration is known for the roles, wicked step mum, a witch or a harsh woman etc.
Her filmography:
  • The end is near
  • Two rats
  • The revenge broom
  • Love is hard
  • Mama G etc.

4.  Chiwetalu Agu:

The comedian actor is known for many things in movies ranging from his funny mantras, being a wicked uncle, a womanizer etc.
 His filmography: 
  • Return of justice by fire
  • Nkwocha
  • Across the Niger
  • Evil twin
  • the maidens
  • Holy anger etc.

5.   Ngozi Ezeonu:

Ngozi Ezeonu features mostly as the queen mother, the good and caring mother and also wife of a rich man. You can watch some of her movies when you have time.
Her filmography:
  • Glamour girls
  • The pretty serpent
  • Tears of a prince
  • Abuja top ladies etc.

6.   Clarion Chukwura:

 Chukwura was born as the only daughter in a family of four on July 24, 1964. Roles like, being a promiscuous wife being the sponsor for a dreaded gang etc., are synonymous to her.
Her filmography:

  • Yemoja
  • Apaye etc.

7.  Osita Iheme(pawpaw) and Chinedu Ikedieze:

They are both known for their roles in the movie 'aki Na ukwa'. Their cast name in the movie has now turned out to become what people know them for. They are mostly known for being troublesome in movies and for constituting nuisance to their villages in movie.
Filmography for Chinedu:
  • Spanner
  • Okwu na uka
  • Aka gum
  • Reggae boys
  • I think twice
  • Kadura etc.
Filmography for Osita:
  • Mirror boys
  • Stubborn flies
  • Boys from Holland
  • Double mama etc.

8.   Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD):

Linda Ikeji's crush, he has featured in so many movies. He's mostly known for roles like, the rich, good and responsible dad. He sometimes takes up roles like, promiscuous dad and so on...
His filmography:
  • Private sin
  • Passion
  • Indecent girl
  • Indecent act
  • Angels of destiny
  • 30 days in Atlanta etc.

9.   Genevieve Nnaji

For Genevieve, I'd just say, true love or love at last. She's a great actress tho and as we all know, she has so many celebrities crushing on her.  Back then in 2011, we heard Skales profess  his love for her publicly.
 Her filmography:
  • Most wanted
  • Death warrant
  •  Blood sister
  • Valentino
  • Ije
  • Road to yesterday etc.

10.   Tony Umez:

 He stopped featuring in movies recently. He's synonymous with roles like, weak husband controlled by his wife or perhaps a husband compelled to hate his wife through jazz(sorcery) , mama's boy, promiscuous husband etc. Dear Tony, your own is just tew much. You just took this kind of role personal, ah-ah! LOL
 His filmography:

  • Desperate sister
  • Before my eyes
  • Sister's heart
  • 19 Macaulay street
  • Cross of agony etc.

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  1. That of Tony is sooooo true, most times I wonder if he is like that in real life.

  2. I enjoyed everything I saw and read in your blog. It's nice. Keep it up

  3. I enjoyed everything I saw and read in your blog. It's nice. Keep it up


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