Thursday, 11 August 2016

You think you know the meaning of the word 'CRAZY'? These guys are here to prove you wrong.

According to a dictionary definition of the word 'crazy', crazy means mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way or being extremely enthusiastic. Well, in my own opinion, i think they really  didn't give a detailed explanation to that word. 

However, these pictures below are here to elaborate more on it and let you really master and understand the meaning of that word 'crazy'. LOL

1. He broke up in the most romantic way, during rush hour in a very harsh and hard way. Sad

Umm..but, what if she took a different route that day nko?

2.  The front lawn just found a new purpose

 3.  And this bill board breakup
Most people buy a billboard ad for ad, but this... LOL

4. Punishment but no punishment
In Nigeria, this ain't much of punishment, its not like we use tissue on normal or regular basis. We always wash it out... :)

5.  ...and she just had to let the world know.

Its not fair that they had to let the boat pass through all this.

6. Breakup package. Choi!

A better way to pass the message across.

7. His hair never smelled any worse!

 8.  And the greatest crazy joke of the century

His punishment was tattooed on her. SMH

9. Attack of the five axes.

The hardest call to the insurance company ever made. Well, that's if he has an insurance.

10. Cheater 'basterd'

I'm not quite sure of the spelling accuracy, or is the problem from me? LOL

11. The paint, the broken windshield, all 'tew' much. In short, i never 'hexpererit'.

Now where do you start from?

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