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10 amazing laundry hacks that will 'wow' you.

Every well-run home is teeming with tricks and shortcuts to keep it humming along. I'm sharing my best quick tips — for cleaning, organizing and repairing stuff at home — to save you time and money. Click through for today's helpful hint, and links to tons more...

These tips I've made research, I've found and I'm about to share with you guys  *In Liam Neeson's voice (in the movie taken)*

Please do read through and enjoy!

1. How to remove grease stains from clothing...:

Instead of using extra laundry detergent to pre-treat, we turn to our old school friend: WHITE CHALK. Simply rub onto greasy stains and the chalk powder will absorb the grease, making the stain easily removable by the laundry soap in the wash. It works wonders for everything from lipstick to bacon grease.   
2. How to remove ink stains with...:

I think why this happens is because hand-sanitizer contains alcohol and alcohol removes ink stains both maker and ball pen inks.

3. How to Keep Fabric Colors from Fading...

To help protect your fabrics, try tossing your linens and clothes into the wash with a tablespoon of SALT. The chloride will help seal the color in and keep it looking fresher longer. It works for rugs, it works for scarves, it works for anything that's machine washable.
 4. To prevent a new clothing from bleeding color...

To prevent new clothes from bleeding color, soak it in a few cups of undiluted white vinegar for 10-15 minutes and then wash as normal.

5.  To whiten clothes...

To whiten dingy whites add 1 cup of white vinegar to 5 cups of water. Boil it for some minutes, remove it from the heat and add your dingy white clothes to it. Soak them over night and then wash them as normal.

6.   To remove blood stains...

Cold water and hand soap removes blood stains when it's still wet.
When its dried, use hydrogen peroxide.

7.   To remove the yellow sweat stains...

Scrub sweat stains with equal parts lemon juice and water, then wash as usual.

8.   To remove red wine stains...

P.S: After completing the remedies below, wash your clothing normally.  Also, the Red Wine Stain Removal tips work best on fresh stains that just happened, rather than red wine stains that have dried.

Club Soda Red Wine Stain Remover

Pour the club soda over a wet wine stain and allow it to bubble. Keep pouring it on until the color of the wine fades and then allow the fabric to dry. 

How to Remove Red Wine Stains with Salt

Cover the wine stain with a large of amount salt, which should absorb the stain. The stain must be wet and have just happened for this method to work.

How to Remove a Red Wine Stain with Milk

Blot the excess wine with a paper towel and then pour milk on the stain as soon as possible. Let the milk settle for an hour before washing.

How to Remove a Red Wine Stain That Has Dried

Shaving Cream Method – If the red wine stain is completely dry, try this shaving cream method. Spray shaving cream on the stain and then wash normally.

How to Remove a Dry Red Wine Stain with Vodka

If the red wine stain has dried, pour vodka on the stain, allow it to soak for a minute or two and then wash the clothes as normal.

9.   To avoid sweater shoulder bumps...

Fold them. Or, if you insist on hanging them, at least hang them the right way.

10.   To get oil stains off your clothes...

Use baby powder to get rid off oil stains on your clothes. It works every time.

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  1. Thanks Mgab, they really are amazing hacks. I find no. 4 and 7 more useful.


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