Thursday, 8 September 2016

10 things you'll relate to if you've ever been to a Nigerian barber's shop. LOL

A barber's shop is the place of work for a barber, where people go and barb their hair, Finish! But unfortunately, for Nigerians, a barber's shop is a place for social interaction, public discussion forum, charging of phones, cinema, football viewing centers etc. In some cases, some Nigerians think that it's a place to own new phones (of course by stealing). LOL

Well, below are a list of some of the things you sure will or might experience or see in a Nigerian barber's shop.

1.   When you get into the shop, this is the constant amount of population you sure would see

Yess! Because it's a Nigerian barber's shop.

2.   And this is how high the temperature feels right in there

3. People who actually want to barb 
 Versus people who are there on their own mission

4.   How people stare at you when you walk in

5.   What half of the people in the barber's  shop think the place is really meant for

6.   How you protect your charging phone cos it's a potential stolen item

7. When you mistakenly forget your phone after barbing.

8. What you tell your barber you want

9. What you get in return

10. And your bill afterwards be like
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  1. hahaha! mgab i want to auction legaltutorials; if you need it, inbox me on facebook


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