Friday, 28 October 2016

10 things you never should tell your Nigerian parents if you want to still live.

It’s almost like there is some training school all Nigerian parents go to that make them all talk, behave and think alike. They sure take each and everyone of these under-listed things seriously. If you're yet unborn (winks), I suggest you read this and avoid saying any of them. LOL

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1. "Dad, mum; I'm gay"

 2. Telling your parents you want to be something other than a doctor, an engineer, a pharmacist or a lawyer


3.Telling your parents you failed an important exam


4. Telling your parents you're tired of doing your chores

Are you tired of eating in their house. LOL


5.  Telling them you don't wanna attend church on Sunday


6. Telling your parents you've a BF or a GF 

7. Telling them they are wrong, when they are actually wrong

They will send you off on a voyage to find your new parents

8.Telling your parents you don't like your current school and would like to change


9. Telling your parents you don't want to join in the morning devotion or go to school, cos you're not feeling fine:


10. Telling your parents you're old enough to do what ever you like in their house, you'll end up like:

Yes, because you're never old enough in their house.

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