Monday, 3 October 2016

14 humans who are doppelgangers of cartoon characters.

When we hear the word doppelganger, we tend to direct our thinking to two human beings and in some cases to ghosts and humans. In these cases however, the reverse is the case or perhaps, it's actually not exactly what we always think about doppelgangers. These cases too are kinda awkward or should I say funny, cos some of them seem happy about it.

Well, I'm not here to bore you with a long literary work, below are some of those funny-cum-awkward moments you discover your doppelganger isn't human.

1. This man who told Gru character in the cartoon Despicable me he can't look any less like him

2.  Honestly, I don't know the name of the cartoon this character came from but this man sure looks more intensely fierce than the character itself.

 3. This is what we call funny, awkward and doppelganger. LOL. And they had to be on the same outfit.

4. And Nicki Minaj decided to join the contest.

5. Granny said she was also interested, she wasn't left out.

6. And this guy who has a celebrity doppelganger.

7. The nerds weren't left out. He looks so happy like he just hit fame. LOL.

8. Plus this guy that told Peter Griffin of Family guy, "Mr. Peter, I was born to be your ganger"

9. And the doppelganger of Queen Elsa in the cartoon Frozen, who unfurls beauty with her smiles.

10.  "I don't know who you're nor the cartoon you came from, but I found you and I'm including you." This man looks just more scarier than his doppelganger. Just saying tho...

11. Aww... granny... you look just like her, plus her same hair style

12. Grandpa, you look just like the character Carl Fredricksen in the cartoon Up, plus your glasses looks like his, plus your nose looks like his, plus your mouth and the shape of your head looks like his. LOL

13. And here's the 'ganger' of the character, Campmaster Strauch in the cartoon Up.

14. This is just really awkward. LOL

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