Thursday, 6 October 2016

12 times Karma proved she's a bitch and responded quicker than we expected!

According to Wikipedia, Karma is the principle that states that every action has a consequence, which will come to fruition in either this or a future life; thus, morally good acts will have positive consequences, whereas bad acts will produce negative results.

But in these cases (which I'm about to let you see), and in my own opinion, Karma is a bitch! Finish! She meted out their rewards too quicker than they expected. In some of the cases, she was brutal. Most of them will make you laugh, some will leave you with a jaw drop and others, well, you decide.

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1.   Being troublesome doesn't always end well, it sure has it's reward.

2.   He thought he could get away with slapping a random adult. He sure got his reward

3.   And this guy who looks like he was having a bad day. But Karma doesn't care, she metes her rewards accordingly...

4.   And he never 'expererit' it. And once more, Karma proved to be a bitch! LOL

5.   Auch! That was brutal a reward

6.   And this pay back that was well deserved. Hope to have Karma fight for me just like she fought for this guy on the chair. LOL

7.   He just had to get served by Karma with his well deserved reward. LOL

8.   And Karma appointed this girl's brother to help her(Karma) do the pay back. But this is just so brutal. LOL

9.   And he had to leave a mark to help with the pay back. LOL

10.    We should just sit back and let the laxative do it's job.

11.   Bull's Day! LOL

12.   He just might have taken enough... Karma really struck hard this time.

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