Tuesday, 11 October 2016

8 things you will relate with if you've ever been drunk.

The first time I had alcohol, I just finished my WASSCE. I'd told myself prior to that day that I'd grow old not tasting alcohol... funny the kind of things you say to yourself when you're young. There is a lot more to drinking however, than just consuming alcohol, I can attest to that. Getting drunk can bring out the funniest, stupidest, and the worst in people, I can attest to that too. LOL *winks*

With drinking comes relationship drama, safety concerns, social tension, and vomit, sometimes lots of funny antics. Some people never drink alcohol at all (well I don't know whether to call that good or perhaps call it a boring kinda lifestyle). But in the event that you find yourself with a drink, or around others who are drinking, you’re going to need to know some stuff.

Some of those stuffs,  I've compiled, some of them are out of experience, while some, from research or other people's experience.

1. When you're about to hit the pub and you tell yourself that you're just gonna have just one pint or one bottle of beer, and for your mind you be like:

For your mind you have self control...

2.  Five minutes after you get into the pub


3. Now, this is your first attempt at standing up:


4.   And then you have the whole floor looking like:

5.  Now this is the safety precaution you take in order not to fall into one of those holes:

6.  And your not so drunk friends be like:

7.  But then you end up doing this:

  8. You wake up the next morning in an awkward state asking yourself this dumb question:

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