Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A list of shortcuts for VLC, GOM, KM and WINAMP media players that you should know

Media players as we all know, are applications on our PCs or mobile devices used to play media files. Finished! If you think I'm going to write an epistle, sorry! *winks*

Below are a list of  'em shortcuts for the above mentioned media players.

  • [M]------------------Mute
  • [F]-------------------Fullscreen
  • [Space]--------------Play/Pause
  • [s]-------------------Stop
  • [P]-------------------Previous Item
  • [+]-------------------Faster Playing Mode
  • [-]-------------------Slower Playing Mode
  • [T]------------------Time Played/Time Left
  • [N]------------------Next
  • [Enter]---------------Active
  • [A]------------------Toggle video to different aspect ratios
  • [V]------------------Enable subtitles 
  • [Z]------------------Zoom In or Zoom Out
  • [ctrl]+[Up Arrow]-------------Increase volume
  • [ctrl]+[Down Arrow]------------Decrease volume
  • [ctrl]+[H]------------------------Subtitle Delay Up
  • [ctrl]+[J]-------------------------Subtitle Delay Down
  • [ctrl]+[B]------------------------Bookmarks
  • [ctrl]+[P]------------------------Playlist ( when playing musics )
  • [ctrl]+[A]------------------------Active Capture Device
  • [ctrl]+[M]-----------------------Go to DVD Menu
  • [ctrl]+[D]------------------------Next DVD chapter
  • [ctrl]+[P]------------------------Select Previous DVD title ( for DVD )
  • [ctrl]+[M]-----------------------Messages ( General )
  • [ctrl]+[M]-----------------------DVD Menu ( DVD Playbacks )
  • [ctrl]+[U]------------------------Previous DVD Chapter 
  • [ctrl]+[I]-------------------------Stream and Media Information
  • [ctrl]+[W]-----------------------Streaming and Transcoding Wizard
  • [ctrl]+[Q]-----------------------Quit Program
  • [ctrl]+[G]------------------------Extended GUI
  • [ctrl]+[S]------------------------Preferences
  • [alt]+[Left Arrow]---------------Backward Jump
  • [alt]+[Right Arrow]--------------Forward Jump
  • [ctrl]+[Left Arrow]--------------Medium Backward Jump
  • [ctrl]+[Right Arrow]-------------Medium Forward Jump
  • [ctrl]+[N]------------------------Open Network Stream
  • [ctrl]+[D]------------------------Open Disk ( Playback )
  • [ctrl]+[O]------------------------For quickly opening a File
  • [ctrl]+[F]------------------------Open a File
  • [alt]+[ctrl]+[Left Arrow]---------Long Backward Jump
  • [alt]+[ctrl]+[Right Arrow]--------Long Forward Jump
  • [alt]+[ctrl]+[S]-------------------Video Snapshot
  • [Shift]+[Right Arrow]------------Short Forward Jump
  • [Shift]+[Left Arrow]-------------Short Backward Jump


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