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10 Hot Female Transgender Personalities, before and after surgery.

According to Wikipedia, Transgender people are people who have a gender identity, or gender expression, that differs from their original sex.

Transgenders, I must say, are not accepted or common in this part of our society. For some countries, it's acceptable and normal, and they tend to be on the high gauge.

Some of these guys used to be quite dull and nerdy, but transiting into the opposite sex really made a great improvement on their looks.


1. Amelia Maltepe:
This is Bangladeshi-born Amelia Maltepe.
Amelia Maltepe, originally from a strict Muslim family in Bangladesh, spent £8,000 on breast implants in 2012 to give her a 34D chest.
Now the 23-year-old business accounting student, who lives with personal trainer boyfriend Charles Dubuc, 27, has her eyes set on the world's most famous beauty pageant.

2. Jazz Jennings
Jazz Jennings (born October 6, 2000) is an American transgender teenage girl, YouTube personality, spokes-model, television personality and LGBTQ rights activist
Jazz Jennings also has a YouTube channel where she discusses her want for cosmetic surgery and her battles with her identity.

 3. ????(LOL)
I don't know your name, or where you came from. All I know is that your transition is scarier than apocalypse itself. LOL...

4. He underwent a cosmetic surgery
People are often scared to ask the big questions, but when a man has cosmetic surgery to become a woman, it’s called a phalloplasty. For a woman in reverse, it’s called vaginoplasty.

5. Buck Angel
Buck Angel is an American adult film producer and motivational speaker. He is the founder of Buck Angel Entertainment, a media production company. A trans man, he received the 2007 AVN Award as Transsexual Performer of the Year; he now works as an advocate, educator, lecturer, and writer

6. Balian Buschbaum
This is German-born Balian Buschbaum, previously known as Yvonne. He retired from pole vaulting as a female in 2007, and just a year later, he underwent reassignment surgery to become Balian. 

7.  Laverne Cox
On July 10th, 2014, Laverne Coz made history by being the first transgender person to receive an Emmy Award nomination. It was for her role in “Orange Is The New Black.”

8.  Alexis Arquette
Alexis dear, you look like Stone Cold the wrestler. And your breast looks exactly like a muscle chest. LOL...

Well, you may remember Alexis Arquette from “Friends,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Californication,” and even “The Wedding Singer.”. Here he is, umm...sorry, 'she' *winks*.
The photo on the left was taken back in 2007.

9.  Thalita Zampirolli
Thalita Zampirolli is a model from Brazil and on her 18th birthday, her family pulled together to help pay for her gender reassignment surgery and subsequent cosmetic surgery procedures.
You can imagine this kind of unanimous support from his family, sorry, 'her' family *tongue out*. The only time you get this kind of unanimous support from your family in Nigeria is when you want to follow your dream to become a doctor, a lawyer, a pharmacist, etc. LOL  

10. Kelly Maloney
Born Frank Maloney, Kellie underwent cosmetic surgery and gender reassignment surgery in 2015. As an ex-boxing promoter in the UK, her news hit the country by storm.

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