Wednesday, 2 November 2016

10 things you'll understand and relate with if you've ever been to Emeka Offor plaza, Onitsha, Nigeria

1. When you're being told about your potential predicament in Emeka Ofor and are advised to be more careful
For your mind you're smarter

2. When you get there and suddenly become their 'brother' and 'sister' plus customer the customer of everyone there
For your mind the stories you heard about them are all false

3. This is actually how they see you or what they think about you

4.  You actually walking through the crowd to your destination in Emeka Ofor 

5. When you ask one of them to send you just 4songs and he sends 100 songs and gives you a bill of 5000 NGN

6.  When an agbero with no shop asks you to wait so he'll check for the iPhone 6 you asked him of, in his branch and head office

7. When he returns with the iPhone 6 you asked of:

8. When you get home and realize you've just been scammed! 

9. When you return to Emeka Ofor with the sole aim of getting a refund:

10. And then you get this reaction in return
And sorry you didn't purchase anything from them once you've made the exchange



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