Tuesday, 29 November 2016

16 Qualities That Indicates your girlfriend Is A Wife Material

Although marriage sure ain’t what it used to be, it is still a big decision and you should treat it as such. Sometimes our guts get just as confused as our heads.

So let me break it down for you in an easily digestible format. If she embodies or posses, at least 75% of this list, go ahead and give her a diamond ring. She's the one!


1. She can cook at least:

She doesn't need to be the world's best cook, but at least, she should know the recipe for some basic foods. This will go a long way to keep a man's appetite in a comfortable state. No man would want to have a wife who'd make him go out on every other night just for dinner.

This may seem old-fashioned, but it's one of the most important factors.

2. She takes care of you when you’re sick:

If she keeps her distance when you’re down, that’s a pretty good indicator of her life philosophy. If, on the other hand, she’s all about making you great meals and helping you with your medications, this is a woman who really cares about you. She's the one!

3. She makes you a better man:

A great indicator that she’s right for you is that being with her makes you want to bring out the best in you. In other words, she makes you a better man.

4. She doesn't rush you

Wanting to talk about plans for the future is one thing. Deadlines and ultimatums are another. Don’t be bullied into marriage just because you’re afraid you’ll lose her. Fear has no place in this process.

5. She has a decent relationship with her parents:

You  don't want to get involved with someone who hates her parents, or has caused them a lot of pain. It’s an indication of how she treats people closest to her, which you’re going to be...
P.S: This factor may be neglected in some cases of abuse or serious problems on the side of the parents.

6. You're sexually compatible with her:

This is one of the most important indicator. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that sexuality doesn't matter for a relationship to last longer. For the record, it's one of the most crucial determinants.

In a relationship, you need to have the same (or at least very similar) likes and dislikes. Sex isn’t everything, but it’s pretty damn important.

7. She's not a party freak:

Believe me or not, a girl who goes out to clubs and every other parties hosted by friends around the neighbourhood, will sure not be able to keep a home.

It's an indication that she's not yet ready to settle. Like they say, 'give a woman a house, she'll turn it into a home'.

8. She's not a shopaholic:

Sometimes shopping is good but not everyday. It's a sign she cannot be able to manage funds judiciously

9. She doesn't (always) ask for the moon:

We all want to live in the house on the hill, but we don’t all make it up there. Make sure she’s going to be okay even if you don’t deliver on your moneymaking potential.

10. She's orderly, takes care of herself and has a good hygiene: 

You don't want to come back one day with your friends and meet her panties on top of the TV and then her  lingerie littered all over the place plus the children's puke, still left uncleaned. You can relate to that...

11. You're OK with each other's baggage:

Most of us have a bag or two. Be honest about how you feel about what she comes with — and make sure she’s doing the same with you.

12. She respects the guy's night out:

If she trusts you to go out with the boys (and you honor that trust), you’ve got a keeper.

13. She accepts your faults and still loves you for who you're:

You’re going to do stupid shit from time to time. That doesn’t mean you need to be reminded of it every two weeks or perhaps, get punished by her in one way or another cos you're human and prone to mistakes.

14. She appreciates the little you can offer:

She needs to at least know how to say thank you and really appreciate any effort you make to keep her happy.

15. She's not a drug addict:

You don't want to have a drug addict for a wife, you should know better...

16. She's smart and independent:

You want her to love you, not need you. She needs to be okay with her life outside of your relationship. Nurturing the needy is not a romantic relationship, if you know what I mean. 


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