Monday, 7 November 2016

5 Coaches who f*cked the shit out of their wives, then divorced them.

This post is not expected to contain an epistle, so I'm going straight to the point. *winks*

These 5 coaches divorced their wives before the public could know or understand what was going on.


1. Arsene Wenger: 

Arsene got married to Annie in 2010, unfortunately the marriage ended before they could celebrate 10 years of marriage. Although they splitted legally, Arsene didn't give any reason for their divorce.

2. Brendan Rodgers:

This is so sad, just one year to their silver jubilee. LOL... Well they split after 24 years of being together as a married couple.

She moved to Spain where she currently lives. It's also reported that Rodgers now lives with Charlotte Searie, a former travel agent.

3. Ryan Giggs:

Ryan Giggs splitted with his wife, Stacey, when he was the assistant coach of Manchester United football club. Their union started in 2002 and yielded the fruit of 2 kids.

According to reports, Stacey accused Ryan of flirting with a restaurant waitress. Well their problems apparently started from then, until they divorced.

4.  Chris Coleman:

Chris split with his wife of 19years after he ordered his wife and 4 children to leave the house as he was planning to bring in another woman, Charlotte into his house.

Charlotte has a good relationship with her soon-to-be stepchildren, 21-year-old Sonny, 21, Christy, 19, 16-year-old Faraday and Georgie, 14.

5.  Jimbo Fisher.
Florida State football coach, Jimbo Fisher, split with his wife of 22years.

Jimbo and his soon to be ex Candi are not legally or offically divorced, but they've lived separately since May 2015, and chances show that there is no hope of reconciliation

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