Saturday, 26 November 2016

8 pictures of medical procedures in the past that'll make you thank God it's 21st century now

If you'd live between the 1800s and 1900, you'd be lucky to survive after visiting a doctor.

The following medical devices uploaded to imgur looks like they belong either in a medieval torture chamber or at a freak show.

1. Well people, this is a spinal apparatus from 1978, in case you don't know.

She'd be lucky if she survives this

2. Bergonic chair for giving general electric treatment for psychological effect, in psycho-neurotic cases. (World War One era.)

3. Walter Reed Physiotherapy Store 1920′s

4. Another apparatus targeting the spine, Lewis Sayre’s equipment to treat scoliosis looks more like it belongs in a dominatrix dungeon.

But for me, I'd say this looks just like an apparatus for sadomasochism. I mean take a look at it, it'll sure remind you of 50shades of grey.

5. What appears to be an object of torture was actually a place to give birth until the 19th Century. LOL...


6. This appears to be a standard surgical procedure. But to be honest, this looks just like a group of cannibals ready to have lunch. LOL  

7. This radiology nurse technician’s uniform in 1918 France would terrify any modern day patient.

8. First of all, what does “triple distilled” even mean in regards to water? And secondly, radioactive water? Excuse me?

Well, 'it av finish'


  1. Wow!!! Interesting and entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

    1. :) 😊 U welcome, I'm glad you like it. Don't forget to share to your friends...


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