Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A Chinese Guy Spent $3.5M Just To Sleep With Megan Fox. What Happened Next Will Shock You

There are lot of crazy things happening around the world and one of them is this guy spending millions to sleep with Megan Fox. Well, that's one of the crazy things and ideas that comes with being rich.

According to Gossipkatta, who reported this first, a Chinese guy by the name Yu ‘Martin’ Xu, spent a whooping $3.7M to sleep with the hottest and most popular actress in Hollywood, Megan Fox, and it was just for a night.

Do you think $3.7M for one night with Megan Fox was really okay? Well, I just cannot overcome the fact that this guy actually spent so much to sleep with Megan Fox. And even if he is spending on something related to that, why just one night? I mean, is it fine spending so much money and getting just a night to enjoy? Umm..I'm just asking...

Yu ‘Martin’ Xu, a successful business man claims to have paid $3.7 Million to an agency. He claims that the agency claimed they would help him hook up with an A star actress if a huge amount is paid to them.

However, now the agency defends itself saying, they did not promise Yu ‘Martin’ Xu that they would hook him up with an A star actress and model. However, struggling with court and lawyers, the agency says they have contact with the A star actress but don’t intend to do any such thing.

The man has decided to file a suit in Supreme Court and we cant wait to see the results. 


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