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Toddler's face was 'eaten alive' by herpes virus caught from kissing relative on the face. A MUST SHARE!

The herpes simplex virus usually enters the body through a break in the skin around or inside the mouth. It is usually spread when a person touches a cold sore or touches infected fluid—such as from sharing eating utensils or razors, kissing an infected person, or touching that person's saliva

For this young girl, it was a little different and more severe.  She literally gave her mother and everyone around her nightmares. It was later discovered that she kissed a relative with cold sore.

Well, to cut the long story short, I'd love you to read this story by Mirror UK 

A toddler has had her face "eaten alive", by a shocking herpes virus she caught from kissing a relative's cold sore on the face.

Sienna Duffield, 3, was diagnosed with herpes earlier in the year - a contagious virus which caused blisters to spread across her face.

The toddler has recovered from the scare which began in October 2015 when she kissed a family member which caused the severe infection.

Her mother , Savina French-Bell, 21, from Gloucester, had to wash Sienna's bed sheets daily and constantly throw out clothes because of daily blood stains from Sienna's sores

The painful blisters were extremely itchy and caused Sienna's sensitive skin to be covered in blood stains and pus.

Sienna was admitted to hospital on her second birthday in October 2015 where she was placed on an IV drip because she had stopped eating.

Savina then sought advice for creams and antibiotics to prevent Sienna's condition from getting even worse.
The young mother is now sharing her story to help other parents battling the same condition.

Savina, a nursery worker, said: "Sienna was being eaten alive by her skin infection.

"It came out of nowhere on her second birthday when she started developing ulcers in her mouth.

"It started to look like someone had thrown acid over her face, it spread from her mouth to her cheeks, and above her eyes.

"I realized that she kissed a family member last year which brought on the infection. Everyone in the family was distraught.

"She stopped eating and every day for eight months was horrific, there was always blood on her clothes and I was scared to take her outside.

"People would give us horrible looks, children would stare and adults would make nasty comments.

Savina desperately tried to stop Sienna's condition from getting worse by preventing her from eating and drinking certain foods.

She took Sienna to a private hospital for more answers, where they ran allergy tests.
Savina said: "I was told she may have allergies to something, so I kept her away from pets and made sure she no longer consumed any dairy products.

"Even preventing her from eating certain foods did not heal her face.

"Doctors were shocked and for ages they had no idea what brought on Sienna's virus.

"I was told she has eczema as well which made her skin even worse.

"Her face took so long to heal because her body was so weak.

"Every day her skin would be stuck to pillows and there would always be blood everywhere
Sienna when her herpes skin condition was healing

"I tried to stop her from scratching herself but she would use surfaces such as sofas in the house to scratch her face."

Savina now says her daughter's face has never looked so clear and she hopes that the infection won't return in the future.

She said: "For the past few months Sienna's face has looked amazing and the infection has not returned.
"There is always a chance of it coming back but fingers crossed it won't happen and her skin will stay as good as it is now.

"I was told that the older she gets the better her body will be at fighting off infections.
"It's great to be able to go outside and not get any horrible comments from anyone.

"Whereas before people were nasty to Sienna, now everyone is overwhelmed at how her face has healed, and that's amazing to see."

All you need to know about cold sore

  • They're small blisters that appear on, or around a person's lips
  • Once they've appeared, cold sores generally break open by itself and releases a clear before drying up and healing.
  • The sore can cause tingling and burning
  • The whole process can take around one week or two. 
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