Thursday, 1 December 2016

10 Incredibly Amazing Watermelon Art Sculptures

For fruits like watermelons, they are not cultivated solely to be consumed, they are also cultivated in some parts of the world because they're materials for making art works.

In fact, watermelon carving is a traditional Japanese art form known as Mukimono. Here are a few amazing sculptures made with nothing more than watermelon and perhaps a few other fruits as well.


1. The Sailship:

This guy went way overboard on this one. This is a prime example of what you should do when you find yourself with eight watermelons, a roll of twine, an onion, and a whole lot of time.  

2. Beautiful Flowers Carved Out Of Water Melons:

They look just like real flowers! I just love this!

3. Pretty Looking Peacock:

This is one example of what can be achieved with watermelon peels and some other fruit. Pairing the two creates an impressive combination of colors, shapes, and textures in the form of a peacock. This impressive creation was made by Flickr user wtimm9.

4.  Incredibly Beautiful:

Who would have believed you could create such beautiful sculpture from this humble watermelon?

5. Turning Trash Into Tasty Treasure

Pineapple tops and carved radishes provide a perfect accent to this carving of a Native American complete with a sweet headdress. Flickr user Jim H. spotted this fantastic creation on a 2011 Carnival Cruise.

6. The Green Lantern:


7. Hugh McMahon Art works:

Hugh McMahon is an artistic genius when it comes to carving pumpkins and watermelons. His creations have been featured worldwide in restaurants, events, magazines, books and on TV. 

Hugh’s specialty is celebrity portraits carved on pumpkins, including designs created for Ronald Reagan, and Martha Stewart, but his elaborate floral watermelon centerpieces are equally stunning.

8. Green Elephant On Parade

This elephant carving is particularly impressive because the detail is carved in so shallowly and subtly. Flickr user Caroline spotted this masterpiece at the 2009 Thai Festival in Greenwich.

9. Floral Banquet:

Why use floral bouquets to spruce up your dining room when you can instead add a little flair with food scraps such as watermelon rinds and pineapple crowns? Let this photo by Greg McComsey serve as inspiration for your next dinner centerpiece.

10. Another Art By Hugh:



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