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10 World's Most Extreme Body Piercing (Warning: Graphic Contents).

Body piercing as defined by Wikipedia, is the practice of puncturing or cutting a part of the human body, creating an opening in which jewelry may be worn.

However, this act has taken a totally different turn, a turn to the extreme. In fact, humanity has been doing it for a long long time. One of these rituals was celebrated at Phuket, Thailand's Vegetarian festival where devotees pierce their faces and deny eating meat to become "pure".

Penetrating the body with objects of all kinds, however, is something that is practiced across the globe, although it has become far more common in the West over the last few decades.

Here are a few collections of the world's most extreme body piercings.


1. Piercing with knives:

Extreme body piercing from the vegetarian festival in Phuket, Thailand, where devotees pierce their faces and deny eating meat to become "pure".

2. Nose piercing with a knife:

The guy in this picture is Pauly Unstoppable.

3. 2,008 needles pierced:

Southern China: in a bizarre publicity stunt, Dr. Wei Sheng pierced 2,008 needles using the colors of the Olympic rings into his head, face, shoulder and hands to mark the Beijing Olympic games. He also broke a Guinness World record in 2004 for piercing 1,790 needles into his head.

4. The Fishmouth

One of the most asked-about members of the BME modification community is “Fishmaul” (”Fishmouth”) or “Zygzag”, who is said to wear massive plugs in stretched cheek piercings.

5. Record breaking piercing in Sunderland.

On March 04, 2006, Kam Ma spent 7 hours and 55 minutes being pierced by Charlie Wilson at Sunderland Body Art in the UK. When the world's longest body piercing session was over, Charlie Wilson had pierced Kam Ma a record breaking 1,015 times, all without the use of any anesthetic.

6. Large Hollow on the ankle:

Another example of an extreme body piercing. And sometimes I wonder why some of 'em freaks do what they do, I got to a conclusion that they want to challenge themselves...

7. 900 Needles:

Brent Moffatt from Winnipeg, Canada, pierced himself with surgical needles to set a Guinness record for most body piercings, in Montreal, December 13, 2003. Moffatt inserted 900 needles into his legs to break his previous record of 702 piercings.

8. From the Thailand vegetarian festival.

Mediums, who were laymen and monks, pierce themselves (particularly their cheeks) with objects of different shapes and sizes while in an altered state to exhibit the powers and strength of the human body and spirit.

9. Extreme!!!

I think you should say something about this yourself.

10. Another Record Breaker

And to end this article, meet the Guinness World record holder as the most pierced woman of the world: Elaine Davidson from Edinburgh, Scotland. She has over 9,000 piercings and plans to get more!


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