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8 Most Extreme Wedding Photoshoots in the History Of Wedding Photoshoots

Most weddings are beautiful  festive events, filled with love and emotions. There is usually not a lot of risk or danger involved, as the wedding moves from the getting-ready stage to the ceremony and reception in beautiful locations.

For these couples, however, they wanted to have a feel of something different from the boring usual. They wanted to feel fear and then have it coated with lovely smiles to make it look just as amazing as they really are.

Well, below are a collection of the most amazing, yet  extreme wedding photoshoots in the history of wedding photoshoots.


1. The Blazed Photoshoot:

Photographer Josh Newton captured these dramatic wedding photos in 2014 in Oregon, after a small fire in the vicinity grew out of control. The fire brigade evacuated all the guests halfway through the ceremony.

No one was in any real danger — the fire was 6 miles away. Right before the bride walked down the aisle, firefighters came and told everyone they had to be evacuated. However, the wedding coordinator talked the firemen into letting them get married if they did it quickly.

After the ceremony, the couple took the most dramatic wedding photos ever, and the results were amazing. (Source)

2. Tornado feel Photoshoot:

A Canadian photographer named Colleen Niska, posted the pictures to her Facebook page with the caption "I've dreamed about a day like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could NOT wait to post these! Pretty sure this will only happen once in my lifetime!"

3.  Photoshoot on the rim of a volcano:

This couple got married at the rim of an active volcano, the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua.

Molinas and Timmer also had an over-the-top proposal (while storm chasing) and engagement shoot, which was weather-themed and shot underwater in the pool at the Biltmore in Miami–and featured in a story on Fox and Friends

4. Stunt Photoshoot:

This couple attempted a stunt not quite so safe. The bride pictured below conquered the famous Lost Arrow Spire Highline in California’s Yosemite National Park on her wedding day. Dressed in white she clambered along a tight rope 3,000 feet in the air; a feat that’s recommended only for the most experienced and prepared rock climber.

5. She's on fire kinda Photoshoot:

Tel Aviv area photographer Arik Siman-tov had been planning to shoot a photo so “extreme,” nobody would forget it. Then, he says, he was contacted by a bride, Natasha Samuel, who was looking “to do something that hadn't been done before.” It was a match — as they say — made in heaven.

Together they came up with the idea of lighting the bride's dress on fire, which she would then extinguish by running into the Mediterranean Sea. In the video below, Siman-tov is seen sparking the fire on the back of the dress and commands Samuel to quickly run into the sea to put it out.

The image is dramatic. Though it looks like her entire back is on fire, the flame never actually touched her back, according to Siman-tov. But it did get frighteningly close.

6. Hang from that Tree Kinda Photoshoot:

This photoshoot was done in Seychelles by photographer Christelle Rall. It look beautiful to behold but dangerous. What if anything goes wrong?

7. Photoshoot on an ice cliff:

This bride took the daring step to stand on a 120ft high ice cliff just to have the perfect wedding photoshoot with the famous photographer, Jay Philbrick.

8. Cliff Hanger Photoshoot:

In some jaw-dropping images, bride and groom Christie Sulkoski and Kevin Coleman can be seen hanging off the cliff in their full wedding outfits.

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