Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Check Out These Incredibly Beautiful Pictures Of The World’s Largest Swimming Pool In Chile

Swimming a length in this large outdoor pool, would mean stroke after stroke for more than three fifths of a mile - that's 20 Olympic-size swimming pools.

If you love water and swimming and if you can spend enough money, I've got a place mapped out, just for you. This is world’s largest swimming pool in Chile.

The enormous man-made lagoon is set halfway up the country's Pacific coast, in the city of Algarrobo, and is filled with 66 million gallons of crystal clear seawater and has a length that is 1000 yards long covering 20 acres and has depth of 115 ft.

The pool opened in December 2006 after nearly five years of construction work and a cost of around $1 Billion. The annual maintenance cost is $2 Million. 

The turquoise waters of the pool are magnificent and crystal clear. So crystal clear that you can watch its depth and bottom even from the deepest area

This monster pool from Chile is maintained and controlled by a computer for suction and filtration. This computer keeps fresh seawater in permanent circulation.

The system is such that water is sucked in from the ocean at one end and pumped out at the other, while the sun warms it to 26⁰C - nine degrees higher than the sea.

Chilean biochemist Fernando Fischmann, is the person whose company Crystal Lagoons Corporation designed the pool.

He said that till the time there is an abundant supply of water from the ocean this whole system can work beautifully. The best part is that, it will not harm the ocean.

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