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The Shape Of Your Nose Says Pretty Much About Your Personality, Check Out What Yours Says

Apart from the pretty nice shapes our nose designs our faces with, they also have something to say about our personality. Many experts think your shape of nose reveals things about your personality that may be a bit more on the subtle side.

According to the recent survey in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery,  there are 10 known kinds of human nose shapes and all different shape of nose depicts a different personality

P.S: This list can't assume a 100%  determinant of a person's personality, but at least, it'll go to an extent. Here’s What The Shape Of  Your Nose Reveals About Your Personality

1. Button Nose

The button-shaped nose is short and looks dainty. People who have this shape of nose are spontaneous when making decisions and this often annoys the others. They are stubborn and gets down to business right away. They are also determined and they always get their way.

2. A Greek Nose

For many people having a Greek type of nose is ideal. This straight looking nose shape has pointed tip and narrow nostrils. Greek nose is associated with many positive things like good skills, positive energy, intelligence, compassion, romanticism and composure. Sometimes they find it hard to express their feelings. Mona Lisa is considered to have had a Greek-shaped nose.

3. Roman Nose:

This type of nose has a small bump about halfway down the ridge. People with this shape of nose are said to be very headstrong and ambitious in nature. They are great leaders and have strong personality. They boast intensity and are particularly good at rallying people to take action. Cleopatra, Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher are some of the famous people who had Roman noses.

4. The Beak Nose:

 This shape of nose is narrow and a little hooked, like the beak of a bird, an assertive shape that has a slight curve in the middle. This nose belongs to determined idealists who have strong convictions, are ready to sacrifice for some people and generally are very creative. They are not easily swayed!

5. The Hooked Nose:

The hooked nose is lumpy and the tip is very round. It’s a sign of a person who is very involved in everything they do. In addition, you make a great friend and you are very thoughtful.

6. The Convex Nose:

People with this nose are charismatic and even if they aren’t in control of a particular project they know how to make themselves heard and have a lot of influence over other people. They are hard working.

7. Snub Nose:

This is a short, small nose that doesn’t usually protrude to any great extent in any particular direction. Those with the snub nose are often quick-witted and more street-wise than your average person. They can sometimes be aggressive but are a whack of fun and full of energy. This shape of nose is one of the cutest on this list. Those who have snub noses are very creative

8. Straight Nose:

 Those who have this type of nose are considered to be logical thinkers who are capable of keeping control of their emotions, highly intelligent and skilled. Also, people with straight noses have the coolest heads when in the situation of panic. They prove to be very effective in work space.

9. The Turned Up Nose:

This nose is lengthy and curved with a nearly-concave slope and upwards tip. These people are often kind, optimistic and nurturing in personality with bags of enthusiasm, a strong sense of support for friends and family.

10. Nubian Nose

A Nubian nose is flat nose, thick at the bottom, short, broad and wide. The nostrils are broad and round. It indicates a passionate and creative person with plenty of charisma to be particularly alluring. Sounds like M~Gab right *winks*? Yep, that's me. They are always positive, optimistic and open. They are often very honest people, which makes a lot of people like them.



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