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7 Most Extreme Acts Of Selfishness Exhibited By People

1. Man calls in bomb threat so he won't miss his flight.

A 46-year-old Italian man was late for his plane to Rome, so instead of booking a different flight, he called the airline and claimed to have overheard Arabic men saying there was a bomb on board.

Immediately, the flight was halted, and all passengers and bags re-inspected. It took off 2 ½ hours behind schedule, but not with the selfish Italian, who was arrested upon arrival at the airport.

2. Man fakes death to abort wedding

Alex Lancaster and Tucker Blandford were college sweethearts; they had met in the US while Lancaster, who was from England, was studying abroad for a year. At the end of her stay, Blandford proposed at the airport: she said yes, and the date was set for August 15, 2014. But just before the date arrived, she received an alarming call.

The man on the phone said he was Tucker's father and that his son threw himself in front of a car because he was depressed. Reeling, she called Tucker's mother to offer her condolences. That's when she learned he was not dead at all; he had called her pretending to be his father. "I'm a terrible, awful person. I know I shouldn't have told her I was dead, but I didn't know what else to do,” Tucker said. (Source 1 | Source 2)

3. Woman fakes death to avoid Christmas party. 

Joanna Grenside, of Hertfordshire, England, was a fitness instructor who had a secret: she suffered from bulimia. Desperate to avoid the upcoming work and family Christmas parties, she staged her own abduction.

Ten days before Christmas, she abandoned her car at work and discarded her rape alarm nearby. Police searched the area frantically, even using helicopters and an underwater search team.

Two days later, she appeared looking disheveled and claimed she had been kidnapped and raped. When police started getting suspicious of her story, she broke down and admitted it was all a hoax. She was given a 12-month discharge and fined 100 pounds.

4. Woman snatches couple's baby just to keep boyfriend.

Kelly Mahon wanted to keep her man, so much so, she faked a pregnancy.

In December 2015, Mahon lied to her boyfriend Dwight Dennis (with whom she was having an affair) and said she was pregnant. For nine months, she continued the ruse by putting a pillow under her clothing. When it came time for the child to be “born,” she concocted another scheme — to steal a baby.

She stalked a couple she met at a bus stop, knocked on the door and told the woman her husband was in an accident. Mahon promised to watch the baby while the panicked woman rushed to find her husband. In the interim, she stole the child and took him back to her house.

Police were quickly able to pinpoint Mahon as the culprit. The baby was unharmed, but the judge was flabbergasted. “It was an incredibly selfish act because you have a daughter. You were so wrapped up in your own concerns and obsessions,” he said. She was jailed for two years. (Source)

5. Man fakes seizures just to avoid paying restaurant bills.

He had a rap sheet of 90 arrests, mostly for skipping out restaurant tabs

Andrew Palmer of Baltimore has made a name for himself, at least in the world of selfish dine-and-dashers. For years, Palmer had gone to many different restaurants throughout the area, ordered expensive meals including drinks, and then when it came time to pay, pretending to pass out or have a seizure; paramedics would then be called, further taxing the restaurant and the city.

Police were having a hard time keeping Palmer behind bars for longer than a few weeks because his tabs were under $100 and his crimes were considered misdemeanors. Finally, in May 2014, he was convicted for not paying an $89 restaurant tab and sentenced to 5 years in prison

6. Selfish drivers shut down blood drive.

A group of 95 donors was scheduled to give blood at Windsor Youth and Community Centre in England, but because selfish parkers blocked the road, the ambulance could not get through and unload their equipment.

“We stuck notices on cars last week, but it does not seem to have done any good. One driver who came back after the blood donor session had been canceled simply shrugged and drove off,” said an official.
The road is private so the city can't tow

7. Man pulls on train emergency brake just to get his cell phone.

In December of 2016, New York City resident Eric Jones was riding on the North Jersey Coast Line train when he dropped his cell phone while traveling between cars.

Thinking only of himself, Jones pulled the emergency brake, bringing the train to a screeching halt. He was arrested and charged with defiant trespass and interfering with transportation.



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