Wednesday, 18 January 2017

By 3am, Trump Went on Twitter & EXPOSED The Spy Behind FAKE “Intel”

Just days after Buzzfeed and CNN promoted a FAKE “intel” report about him, Trump took to Twitter and EXPOSED who was behind this bogus report.
But he didn’t stop there! He also DESTROYED Hillary’s staff for questioning the legitimacy of his win. They were on early this morning questioning whether or not he was even elected.


He began this Twitter storm 3:11 am(New York time), Such high energy, this man never sleeps! IT ONLY TOOK 5 TWEETS TO SHUT THEM ALL DOWN!

In the first 3 Tweets, he EXPOSED who was behind that PHONY report. Turns out, the man who put it together was a FAILED British spy just out for money. The retired spy, Christopher Steele, was reportedly hired by Republicans, then Democrats, to dig up “dirt” on Trump. 

Then Trump went after Hillary Clinton’s DESPICABLE staff who went on CNN to discredit his victory by claiming he Election was rigged:

No matter how much they try to come for him, Trump pulls out his inner Mike Tyson and dodges every punch thrown at him! 



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