Thursday, 19 January 2017

Dog Jumps Into Her Bathroom Barking Furiously, What Happened Next Will Amaze You

They said that dogs are man’s best friend. They could be your companion when no ones around. They could be your best lover when people seemed to have forgotten you.

They could be your jog buddy or even your hunting mate. Dogs have been so relevant in people’s lives ever since the world began. They are one of the nicest and smartest creatures in the kingdom Animalia. They’re dependable and amusing but can sometimes become annoying and irritating.

However, according to, Papillon, a two-year-old Collie dog, was alone with Mindi (his owner) and her baby on a fateful day. Mindi has just tucked her baby to sleep and then opted to taking a shower.

While having her time, she suddenly heard the dog barking frantically in the other room. She ignored it at first and got on with her bath. Papillon continued barking and it irritated her. She didn’t want the dog’s bark to wake her baby up.
Papillon came barging in the bathroom door and peeked in the shower curtain.
She supposed that the dog was trying to tell her something as she remembered from a show on TV, Lassie, about how animals communicate with humans. Lassie was a fictional dog character in a TV series, showing the adventures of a rough collie.

She said that if it was on TV, the master would follow the dog, and so she did. Papillon stood up and pointed his paws on her daughter’s crib. She then noticed that her baby’s lips were blue. She knew then that something was wrong.
Fortunately, Mindi had training as a medic. She called 911 and administered a CPR on her baby. Soon, Rachel was breathing again and was brought to the nearby hospital.

It was found out that the baby had weak muscle between her stomach and esophagus which caused food to lodge in there and preventing her airways to function normally.

From then on, they have realized that they have the best dog in the world. Mindi added that there’s no dog treat in the world that could have express their gratitude towards Papillon, and so, their bond became more than just a master-pet relationship. It became more of a family bond.

You can watch the documentary video below


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