Sunday, 5 February 2017

10 Perfectly captured pictures that prove that timing is paramount.

There are some photos out on the web that are almost too good to be believed. These photos were timed so epically well that it’s hard to understand just how in the world the photographer had their finger on the trigger at the right time.

Many of these photos are going to look as if they might have been photoshopped, but the fact of the matter is they are just incredibly well timed.


1. The Water umbrella

This looks like tho an umbrella was made out of water. Well, turns out the photographer hit the button at just the right time.

2. The human fish head

Well, you could say it's a human with a fish for a head. Photograph by Nick Kelly

3. The Hoist and the Eiffel Tower

This is how they get it back and forth between Las Vegas and Paris...right? LOL. This is one of those pictures born out of perfect timing. 

4. The dude with 'she' legs.

Take a second look ― see if you can figure out how this one was pulled off. Keep in mind, this isn’t a photoshop. Nice legs dude. LOL 

5. The jumper...

 I hope you do a good job figuring this one out... Photograph by Alex Thomson Racing

6. Totally Tubular

Those people look like they’re having a really good time riding their magical wave.

7. The bee quaver

Photograph by Kathy Keatley Garvey

8. Making Friends or making mate?

While considering the fact that this picture was perfectly timed, also ponder in your mind what actually is going on right there. LOL 

9. Thor!

I guess this is the part where we all run right? LOL... On a second thought, I'm glad Victor Frankenstein didn’t design the Statue of Liberty. We’d be afraid of the fallout when she got up and started walking around.

10. Now you pissed it off!

This is one of those photos that absolutely looks like it has to be photoshopped. Instead, it’s just some incredible timing where the flame has bent and moved to the point where it looks like a smile. 


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