Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Most Viscous Valentine's Day Prank On The Internet. LOL!

Pranks are best known to come and feel like pranks, and not like blows or explosions to the heart. Jay, Kerr's boyfriend made us understand and know more about the different forms of pranks. LOL...

This Irish girl who goes by the name Kerr, on Val's day, took to twitter to share screenshots of a message exchange she'd had with her boyfriend, Jay.

It started with talk of a surprise.

As Jay mentioned Paris and then Barcelona, the excitement grew...

...And then, it ridiculously came crashing down.

Yes — It happened that he'd booked tickets to a Champions League football match slated for that day.

Kerr's tweet — which came complete with a fairly no-nonsense caption — swiftly went viral. At the time of writing, it's gotten more than 32,000 retweets and 72,000likes.

As with anything that goes viral on Twitter, it's attracted its fair share of trolls as well as favourites — but Kerr isn't letting any negative responses get her down.

Looks like she had a good Valentine's Day in the end, too.


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